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Friends Only [Jan. 26th, 2010|02:42 pm]

if we are already friends, this obviously does not apply to you, but for everyone else...

image credit to ohyves
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Michael Showalter on The State [Jul. 15th, 2009|09:34 pm]
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sorry, friends only [May. 13th, 2009|04:30 pm]

comment and i'll think about allowing you to read my oh-so relavent blog.

thank you to sommertiara for the image.
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Lost - Sawyer Nickname Generator [Dec. 3rd, 2008|11:44 pm]
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(no subject) [Jun. 2nd, 2008|10:27 pm]
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my paid account expired. booo. now all i hav in my user pics are the poopie ones, none of my favorites. :/

also, th "E" key on this keyboard is not working too well, so if you see a missing ltter somewhere, it'll be an E. i will try to catch them all but i'm sure i will miss a few.

not sure if this has been mntioned..... i am seeing someone, and things are going really really well. pleasee pardon the cheesiness of this but i feel a quote from Beck's latest album sums up what i am feeling about this still-new relationship: "i think i'm in love but it makes me kinda nervous to say so."
i don't wanna talk about him too much; i have a tendency to gush, as you have probably noticed. let me just say this: he's a really great guy and i care about him a lot, and he cares a great deal for me. things are going swimmingly.

my lease on my apartment is expiring the first of july. as much as i love that apartment, i think it's time for a change of scenery. it is the first home i have ever had all to myself. that's very special to me. but i'd like to live somewhere in what's called "the avenues", an area more in the older part of town with tons of old houses (that have actual lawns with trees and grass and flower bushes!), where a lot of the younger population live. the houses are significantly less expense, as it is farther away from the booming west-side of town, where the mall and most of the up-and-coming new businesses and retailers are located. all my friends live in or around this area, another plus. and it's very close to the "historic downtown" area, which i just adore. havn't had too much luck finding a place yet, but i have really only just started looking. i know i should be able to find someplace fairly easily, since it's summertime and 90% of the university kids have moved away for the summer break. i'm super excited. like i said, i've been in the same place for two very long years, and i really feel it's time to move on... or move out HA!

anywho, you all should know my poor comp is pretty much on it's death bed, so updates will be few and far between i'm afraid for some time. sorry.
but i certainly haven't forgotten you all and miss hearing from you and about what is going on in all of your lives. don 't forget about me either. <3
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how could i forget to mention.... [Jul. 25th, 2007|10:28 pm]
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[Current Music |I See Who You Are: Björk]

I HAVE TICKETS TO SEE BJORK IN ATLANTA IN SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!! this time i am going with people whose company i actually enjoy, so BONUS!! but now... i have to find another fabulous outfit to wear to the show! eeps!!
i have lost 15 pounds since the whole shit -fest i won't get into.... you know what i am talking about. yeah. 15 pounds. nice little diet. NOT. but i'll take it nonetheless. i think another new outfit is quite in order. i can't seem to find out who is opening for her though. i know better than to hope for Ghosdisital... but a girl can dream, no?
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(no subject) [Jul. 12th, 2007|03:58 pm]
[Current Mood |sadsad]

i know havent been around in ages... no internet access at all, but i am calling to get some internet goodness hooked up in my apartment THIS weekend. i can't stand it anymore. A LOT of shit has hit the fan since i was last online. in a nutshell.... the guy i was so in love with? been cheating on me. not only that, but i was going to take him back but he wants to be with the OTHER girl and not me. so i have been extremely depressed. leaning on my friends a lot. but it's getting better... slowly.

i'm sorry but i really dont have time to say more. i will be back soon i promise!! I MISS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!! send me mail or something so i know you havent forgotten about me. :)
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one door closes, another door opens [May. 24th, 2007|05:50 pm]
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[Current Location |work (prcc... for the last time)]
[Current Mood |indescribableindescribable]
[Current Music |LFO: Mummy I've Had An Accident]

i'm in the home stretch now. just about 1 more hour to go and i will be leaving pearl river community college forever. this is so surreal.

my co-workers gave me a surprise going-away party that i actually half expected. what i did not expect was all the people that showed up!! there had to have been 20-30 people there!! i'd been thinking that it would be better to not have a party, because i've been to some going-away parties for other co-workers, and hardly anyone came. and i knew not many people would come to mine and that would just hurt my feelings even though i know it souldn't. but they proved me wrong. i know some of them were there just for the food, which there was LOTS of, but i don't care. THANK GOD they didn't make me give a speech or anything. i HATE HATE HATE being the center of attention, and walking in the door with all those people there, clapping and cheering for me..... i have never experienced anything like it. i was sooo red-faced you could probably have seen me from space. but i was more touched than anything. wow. :D
2 of the ladies who work in the same office with me gave me a sweet card and a $30 gift card to walmart. i hate walmart, but oh well. then, everyone at the party pitched in and bought me this really cool sweatshirt from the PRCC bookstore i have been drooling over. apparantly my buddies who work the bookstore were paying attention and tipped everyone off. it's so cool: it looks like one of the '70's or '80's adidas sweatshirts, except it says (of course) Pearl River Community College. with the sweatshirt was another gift card for walmart, this one for $20. not too shabby! i was NOT at ALL expecting gifts. i seriously almost starting crying about 5 times today. but it still seems sort of unreal to me, like a dream, you know?? this job and all these people have become a big part of my life over the past 3 years. and i may never see some of them ever again.

wow. well, after i leave tonight, i'm heading straight for the liquor store and buying myself a bottle of champagne.
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such a nice weekend [May. 14th, 2007|09:57 am]
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[Current Location |work (prcc)]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcontent and at peace]
[Current Music |Björk: my juvenille]

i think i got fired from my record-shop job. they haven't told me so, but they didn't give me normal hours to work this weekend, and they hired someone else, so i am assuming i am fired until i hear different. that kind of pisses me off, because it's not my fault i had all this back pain and had to miss so much work, i mean really! but... i was gonna have to wuit anyways cuz i got this new job with different hours, so there you go. plus i had so much free time this weekend, it was great!!

:> i have been seeing someone. so soon after such a bad breakup, i know. but... i am so unbelievablely happy!!!!!!!!!!! i mean, i didn't even know i could BE this happy!! i've been feeling all gushy and sappy and watching romantic movies and getting all misty eyed, but i dont even care!! i know this all sounds very sudden, but i dont care. :P

my last day at this job is next thursday. i plan on dong as little work as possible from now til then. LOL so far, i[m doing a pretty good job! i have a special talent for looking like i am busy working when i am really goofing off. that is a very special skill, it requires lots of work and determination. i have honed my skill for many years, and now it is paying off. :D
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the trip [May. 10th, 2007|03:11 pm]
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[Current Location |work (prcc)]

ok, as prosmised, here is a run-down of my weekend in NYC.

i worked from 10 am til 8 pm thrusday, then straight from work, headed to t's house, my ex. T_T anyways, our flight left from new orleasn at 6 am, so we needed to be there at 4 am, that means, just to be on the safe side as it was raining heavily, we had to leave at 2 am. as luck would have it, i could not fall asleep until literally about 1:50 am. so i got NO sleep. i also tried to sleep on the drive to new orleans, but i was too excited. when we got to the airport, we discovered there was a power outage. wouldn't you know that it was JUST in our particular airline too. so we were about an hour delayed leaving. the airport staff had to manually check every peice of luggage. they all seemed very pissy about that. we had a 2 hour layover in atlanta, which was a good thing, as i got a chance to have a bite to eat. i didn't get to sleep on either plane ride though. i cannot easily fall asleep in a public place like that, nor can i fall asleep easily in my own bed for that matter.
so, we arrived in NYC around 1 pm. as we were landing we got a great view of manhattan, the statue of liberty and all that. so beautiful. we got a cab to our hotel in the bronx, took a quick snooze, then headed to times square. my major objective, other than seeing björk that is, was getting to the sanrio store in times square. i had to ask a cop where it was, it is kind of hidden by all the huge neon advertisements, but i did find it and spent abot 2 hours and $100 there. :D
next we waslked around times square some more, but the crowds were so huge and annoying that we jumped on the subway and headed to the village. we had some yummy burritos from burrito village, and walked around 4th street. i saw one of the restaurants featured in sex & the city, sushi samba, which was cool (to a geek like me). i wanted to eat there, but it was h4ella expensive.

next day, we slept in til about noon, then headed to soho. i bought a sugarcubes dvd from a street vendor and some neat tee shirts and a record cuff from the Young Designers Market on mulberry. i loved that place. around 5 we went back to the hotel to get in our Björk-gear. we thought taking the bus to the show was a good idea, til we reaslized that the Yankees game was just letting out so the traffic was horrendous. so we got out and walked, and got there in about 10 minutes. but we were still late. the opening band (konono no 1 i think?) was already playing. so we sat down in some seats that were way closer than our assigned seats. we weren't there long when a girl came up and asked me what row we were on. i said i didnt know. so she went off to find out, and came back to tell me it was B. she was very nice. i thought she looked a little familiar. so i sent t to get us some drinks, and while he was gone i snuck peaks at her, and it hit me all of a sudden: it was NATALIE PORTMAN!!! when t came back, i told him, and he proceeded to try and take her picture. i told him to stop, that she was just trying to be low-key and chill and that would be disrespectful to stick his camara in her face. he got way pissed at me, said i was trying to "control" him. so i told him off, we had a huge fight, but then björk came on and i forgot about it.
oh, wow, it was so great. she started with cover me, the original version or "cave version". some guy beside me said "this is weird, but i am not surprised." i almost told him it was the original version of the song recorded in the bahamas... but i didn't. :x

i wont tell you every last detail of the show, suffice it to say it was absolutely wonderful. mark bell broke out with a piece of lfo's song Freak. ah, it was so great.
after the show, i bought 5 shirts, 2 for me (onme of each design), and one each for 3 friends. then we found a dunkin donuts down the street and had some coffee. we were in a rather bad part of town, so we headed back towards times square. i thought since it was around midnight it wouldn't be so bad, but it was. i bought 2 spiderman tee shirts and a huge spidey doll, then we went to see spiderman 3 in this amazing theatre. but the place filled up with over 200 drunks whop would not shut up the entire time. when i see spidey, i want to enjoy it, so we left. i was very sad. i still havent seen all of it. :*(
next day, we spent all our time in Soho. i bought more clothes, 2 GREAT vintage dresses, etc. found a shop with a vintage sugarcubes tour shirt, but they wanted $187 for it. boo. we had a lovely meal on some cafe, then went back to the hotel and watched lord of the rings. :>
monday morning was spent in central park. it is so lovely. but it was COLD!! it's been close to 90 degrees in mississippi, but it was around 40 during the DAY in NYC! lucky i bought a rad hoodie from the young designers market :D
that's about it. i excluded our other fights, but trust me, they are not worth mentioning. i was sad to go, but also very happy to be home again. i am working on uploading pics, need to get a cord from my mom. SOON!
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